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Point Zero Experience is a fun, simple yet powerful approach to meditation. It is an active meditation with movement and stillness to help quiet the mind and follow your inner compass. Make space, feel, receive and get ready to start your journey. We are available for Private Sessions, Group Classes and Corporate Events.


Based on the concept of Shunya -the space between your thoughts- it allows your mind to release the old and make space for new experiences to come into your life. This method follows you every step of the way through the practices of Kundalini, breathwork techniques, and meditation. In a short period of time, Point Zero can bring you powerful and effective results. 


Jeannine Bergman, owner of Pilates One and creator of Point Zero has developed this method to bring innovative and accessible meditations to all. Think of Point Zero as your blank canvas, starting from scratch. To make space and receive. We are excited to offer our profound meditations using ‘Sound Off Headphones’ for a deep, full-on immersive experience.


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Thank you for staying curious & open!

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