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Point Zero Experience is a fun, simple, yet powerful approach to meditation. It is an active meditation with movement and stillness to help quiet the mind and follow your inner compass. Our approach centers around the concept of Shunya, which is the space between your thoughts.  Focusing on this, our Miami meditation classes allow your mind to release the old and make space for new experiences to come into your life.

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When you attend a Point Zero group meditation class, you will join others as you experience the benefits of guided meditation. Meditation has become popular due to its positive impacts on overall health, wellbeing and mental processes. While individuals can meditate on their own at any time during the day, attending a group meditation class is helpful to give you a strong foundation in how to begin your meditation practice. 


Group meditation is ideal for beginners because having a scheduled class can help you to become more committed to developing a meditation practice. When you are meditating alone, it can be easy to give up or stop in the middle if it gets difficult. With group classes, it’s harder to quit. As you begin your group meditation class journey, you will see that a meditative lifestyle is popular amongst other members of the community. Whether you are a beginner looking to discover the benefits of meditation, or you’ve been meditating for years, attending a group class can help you further your practice. Furthermore, meditating in a group creates a sense of belonging in a calm atmosphere that will leave you with a feeling of increased peacefulness.

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Beginning meditators or seasoned, experienced individuals can benefit from a private meditation class. These classes through The Point Zero Experience are designed to help you target and achieve your own personal meditation goals. Let us work together to create a customized meditation class in either a one on one setting, or if you prefer to have several friends join for a private class this is also an option. Simply reach out to us and let us know your meditation goals. 

Our Miami meditation classes are designed for a variety of audiences. Whether you decide to attend one in a group setting or private setting, you will leave with space in your mind for new experiences to come into your life.

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